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abstract_static's Journal

abstract static
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graphics and awesomeness by colorxmexinsane

welcome to abstract_static, the graphics community of elise (colorxmexinsane).

about the maker
elise. american. eighteen. college freshman.
television: gilmore girls, gossip girl, true blood, lost, bones. (among others)
movies: harry potter, mean girls, a very long engagement, the sure thing.
people: gaspard ulliel, emma watson, zooey deschanel, milo ventimiglia, rachel mcadams.
pairings: luke/lorelai, rory/jess, blair/chuck, eric/sookie, claire/charlie, sawyer/juliet, booth/brennan, angela/hodgens.

1. credit is necessary. i spend a fair amount of time on the graphics i post, and i'd like people to know who made them! (not too much to ask, right?) please credit either colorxmexinsane or abstract_static. i include my username in the file names of all of my icons, so no excuses! and plus, this helps more people find my icons!
2. please don't hotlink. it's not fair to me or to other people who want to view my icons if you take up my bandwith. please upload icons you want to use to your own photobucket account, or do what i do and make livejournal host them!
3. comments are always nice!
4. please, please, please don't edit my icons. really. it's not fair to me for you to slap some text on my icon and call it your own. if you want me to change an icon, let me know! i'd be happy to edit it to your liking, add text, etc. i save .psd files of all of my icons, so it's no problem.
5. to go along with rule four, don't claim my icons as your own. that's just not cool.
6. not really a rule, but if you're interested in a particular .psd file or you want me to write up a tutorial, let me know! i'd be happy to help out fellow icon makers. tutorials were, after all, how i learned how to make icons, and while i don't use them anymore, i remember how vital they were for me to learn techniques. so don't be afraid to ask!

because i like to have some idea who is looking at my icons, i do make all of my posts members-only after one week. if you're interested in seeing older entries, you'll have to join! sorry, i know it's sort of a pain, but membership isn't moderated, and you don't have to add me to your friends list. really, it just takes one click, and it helps me see who's interested in my community.

want to join me?
if you're interested, i'd love to have other makers at abstract_static! i don't post as much as i should, and it'd be great to have more people so the community is more active. if you're interested, send me a message or leave a comment here.